Centro Médico de Cirugía Plástica Dr. Carlos Juri
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Prof. Dr. Carlos Juri
Tratamientos con cirugía
Tratamientos sin cirugía


The professional spirit that constantly motivates him together with the acquired experience allowed him to conceive and carry out the project, which involved the creation of this Institution in order to provide patients with a comprehensive care plan, and to educate a team of professionals where the teaching vocation results in new specialists.

This project was conceived to take place both at a national level and on a cross-border basis, as the permanent contact with diverse Health Centers, Hospitals and Universities in Argentina and abroad allows the achievement of what every physician eagerly expects, "the creation of his own school".

Multiple annual courses and temporary rotations are organized with scheduled teaching sessions and live surgeries broadcasted by closed-circuit television targeted at Plastic Surgeons, Surgeons undertaking specialist training and Surgeons with specialties related to the diverse course subjects or the desired medical rotation.

This HEALTH CENTER presents a Teaching, Internship and Research program that encompasses all the aspects of the specialty to educate and grant the Degree of Specialist, which has been acknowledged by the Argentine Society of Plastic Surgery and certified by the National Ministry of Public Health.



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